• California Health and Safety Code 17920.3 - State regulations that are used to determine substandard conditions in inhabited dwellings. These​ are primarily used in Housing and Rental Housing Enforcement.
  • Sacramento County​ Code​ - A set of laws that consists of all of the regulatory​ and penal ordinances and certain of the administrative ordinances codified pursuant to Sections 25126 to 25130, inclusive, of the Government Code of the state.
  • Vehicle Code - Section 22650-22711 - Covers parking for more than 72 hours, lapsed vehicle registration, abandoned and dismantled vehicles.
  • Zoning Code​ -  A set of laws that regulate a variety of issues in the unincorporated area including the use of buildings, structures and land, signs and billboards, size and use of lots, intensity of land use, off-street parking, setback lines and open space.