Frequently Asked Questions

Special advertising devices may be permitted subject to the approval of the Zoning Administrator if the following conditions are met:

  • For grand openings of a business for a period not to exceed thirty days (30) within the first 90 days of a business, or;
  • For special events not exceeding a period of up to thirty days (30) within a given year. A permit may be split up into as many as 10 three-day periods, or may join the time allotments as the business sees fit and described in detail in the application for a Temporary Use Permit.​

​Signs for garage sales can be placed only on your property and cannot exceed a total of 12 square feet. 

Section 5.10.1.C of the Sacramento Zoning Code makes an exception for these types of temporary signs in the interest of protecting free speech. 

All political signs are permissible as long as they are removed within 10 days of the conclusion of the election and that they are set back at least five feet from side property lines and 10 feet from the public right-of-way.

Your sign entitlements depend on where you are located, the type of business you operate, the actual frontage of the building, and the size of the business use and/or property.

Please contact the Planning Department's Public Information Counter at for any questions pertaining to your sign entitlements.

Signs displayed for the purpose of advertising, identification, direction, attention, warning, or designation of any firm, group, place, commodity, product, service or business. 

These signs are regulated by the Sacramento County Zoning Code and enforced by the Code Enforcement Division.

  • ​Abandoned, damaged, or unmaintained signs
  • Banners, pennant flags and string pennants
  • Feather flags/signs
  • Moving, flashing or rotating signs (except for barber poles)
  • Signs that include the words: stop, look, listen, or that interfere with, mislead, or confuse traffic
  • Temporary signs other than construction signs
  • Inflatable or lighter-than-air devices of any kind
  • Any other advertising device attached to a building fence, pole, or vehicle on display unless specifically mentioned in the zoning code
  • People holding, or acting as signage, i.e. sign wavers