Rental Housing & Vacant Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Notify the property owner, landlord, or property manager of all maintenance issues and allow a reasonable amount of time for the repairs to be made. 

​​It is the responsibility of the tenant to allow access to the unit for such repair​s. If the repairs are not made in a timely fashion, then contacting Code Enforcement may be appropriate.

​An Officer will conduct an inspection within 72 business hours of receiving a complaint for Priority Housing Violations (See examples). 

For all others, an advis​​ory letter will be mailed to the property owner allowing thirty days for the repairs/corrections to be made.  After thirty days, the officer will contact th​​​e t​enant to verify the repairs were made. If the violations remain, an inspection will be conducted. ​Examples of Housing Vio​​lations:

Priority ​​Violations:
  • Surfacing Sewage
  • Lack of Heat
  • Lack of Required Utilities
  • Lack of Water and/or Hot Water
  • Collapsing Roof/Ceiling
  • Vacant, open and accessible dwelling

Vacant, open and accessible dwelling

Other Vio​​lations:
  • Plumbing Leak 
  • Roof Leak
  • Vector Infestation
  • Broken Windows​
  • Electrical Malfunction
  • Holes in Wall
  • Unsanitary Premises
  • Rodent Harborage
  • Vacant building with overgrown vegetation (CA H&S 17920.3, SCC 16.18.401 (Y)) 

A vacant house is not a violation of any County code. However, if a home is vacant, open and accessible and is also being accessed by unauthorized persons, Code Enforceme​nt can respond and ensure that the property is secured. Contact the Sheriff’s Department if you see such illegal activity.

It is also a violation if the landscaping of a vacant building is not being maintained and the dead grass/weeds exceed 12 inches over 50% of the yard. (SCC 16.18.401(X) & (Y), 16.23.010)​.

If you have discovered water intrusion within your unit, you should first check with your landlord. Typically, structural or plumbing repair work is the landlord's responsibility. Problems with surface accumulation of mildew are the responsibility of the tenant to fix. 

Mold is a simil​ar problem to mildew, but may be ca​​used by problems that go beyond the surface to deeper levels of the structure. 

If you are not able to resolve your structural, plumbing, or mold issues with your landlord, you may call file a complaint ​at Sacramento County 311 Connect

Get more information about mold issues, how to get rid of mold and additional contact information if you live within the cities of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove or Folsom at the Sacramento Environmental Management Department.