Report a Violation

To report a public nuisance for Code Enforcement investigation:

​​Information Required:​

  • Your name, address and contact information are kept confidential 
  • Complaining party information is exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act (see CA Govt. Code §6254(k) and Evid. Code §1041).  ​
  • Address of property where problem is occurring
  • License plates, times, dates of problems, if applicable

​Note: Only reports submitted through 311 Connect are processed for investigation. For general inquiries about a code case during normal business hours call: 916-874-6444.

  • If you have received a warning letter and have a technical code question, contact our Officer of the Day (OOD): 916-874-7908 or email SACCODE.
  • For a question about a case currently assigned to an officer, please contact that officer directly.
  • For general questions (non-technical) about a case, call 916-874-6444.
  • If you do not have a code case but have technical code questions, please contact Planning at

Investigative Process Overview   

Generally, we will send a "Notice of Alleged Violation", also called an "Advisory Letter" notifying the person or business of a reported violation, including a time frame for fixing the problem.

At the end of the time frame, an officer will contact the complaining party to see if the violation has been corrected. If it has, the case will be closed. If the violation still exists, an officer will inspect the reported violation.

If the violation is found to still exist, a "Notice of Violation" is issued, with a new time frame in which to comply.

Most often people correct the situation after receiving a Notice of Alleged Violation, however, if the situation is not corrected, there are a variety of enforcement tools that can be used. If the situation is not remedied, other tools may be used including:

  • Inspection Fees
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Administrative Citations/Penalties
  • Criminal Citations 
  • County Counsel Action (Permanent Injunction, Warrants, etc.)

Generally zoning inspections occur within three to four weeks from the time a complaint is received. Inspections on housing cases usually take place within five to six weeks. Vehicle abatement cases are worked and resolved within two weeks. Officers have some discretion to extend the due dates when extenuating circumstances exist.